Jakob Schuppan

app & web dev, cycling enthusiast

My projects.

Note: The following list is currently incomplete and I am in the process of adding my missing projects.


Link: GitHub
Developed using: C++

Description: ULTIMA is a bare-bones virtual operating system in development. Currently it features a simple scheduler that can create up to 6 processes (threads), binary semaphore, as well as a inter-process communication module.


Link: GameJam page
Developed using: Unity, C#

Description: Developing Memories was my very first exposure to Unity and I learned it on-the-fly during the 48-hour event Global Game Jam. The idea behind the game is for the player to visit his past memories and attempt to reconstruct them as he walks through a house reminding him of his past life. Unfortunately due to time contraints we had to leave out several key elements, however it was a great experience overall and I am looking forward to participate in next years Game Jam.


Link: to be added soon
Developed using: Angular, JavaScript, CSS

Description: Rise is an app in development that will allow users to set life goals they aim to achieve and will allow them to track their current progress towards achieving them.